Background on Chris

Chris has worked with business leaders for the last 20 years to assist them in learning from management best practices, with a focus on business strategy, human resource management and organizational culture change.

Chris has run his own consulting firm based in Auckland, NZ. Chris established Benchmark Communication Ltd in 1993, after a decade in the corporate world working as an internal catalyst on significant organizational restructuring.  Using benchmarking and best practice information, Chris has helped numerous companies in making significant improvements in their business practices. Over time the firm ran offices in Sydney and London before settling on streamlined business model. In 2004, Hudson Highland Centre for High Performance (Chicago, IL) tapped Chris as an expert resource. Chris is in demand as a leading-edge management consultant in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Chris believes that companies typically have the knowledge internally to instigate impactful change, and so has tailored his approach to organizational intervention around group facilitation. Chris is an accomplished facilitator of business groups and is in demand for creating tailored programs that meet specific client needs.

With the evolution of Benchmark Communication, Chris has worked on significant projects including the development of the new business strategy for Air New Zealand, a full strategic review of Warehouse Stationery, and the implementation of a new growth initiative for Warehouse Group involving a new retail format, Basko’s, for the group.

An interest in the power of technology as a communication tool has also seen Chris establish two Internet businesses, Blink Interactive and Site-Creata.

Chris is heavily involved in the international organization, EO. The Entrepreneurs Organization provides a peer-to-peer network to more than 6,500 members worldwide.  In 2000, Chris became a forum trainer for YEO, and is now in regular demand as one of the organization’s leading trainers for chapters throughout the ASAP and European region. He held the leadership role of Global Forum Chairman within the EO organization during 2005-2007 instigating significant shifts in Forum Leadership and Forum Training.  In 2007 Chris was award the top award for EO – The Volunteer of the Year Award.

Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in the marketing and behavioral sciences from the University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ.

Chris is a keen waterskier and enjoys time with his two young children.

Background on associates

I have been fortunate to collaborate with some wonderful forum resources over the years and I highly recommend the following if you are looking for someone a little closer geographically: